SWAT Partner Announcement: Farm Focused Agronomy

Sunday, April 21, 2024 9:01 AM
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Welcome Farm Focused Agronomy to the elite network of SWAT MAPS service providers!

After seeing the results first-hand of using SWAT MAPS on his own farm, Garrett Rockafellow, owner of Farm Focused Agronomy, knew that the SWAT ECOSYSTEM was going to be the next big step for his business.

“I couldn’t have been happier with the results of the maps, the data I was able to access, the results of the crop, and the functionality of the program,” says Rockafellow. “I immediately knew this was something I wanted to offer to growers in my area.”

Rockafellow’s background as a farmer and an agronomist allows him to understand the challenges faced by farms in his surrounding area of Crossfield, AB. With a goal to come up with the strongest agronomic plan possible for the growing season, Rockafellow will be integrating each step of the SWAT MAPS process into his service offerings to ensure growers can maximize their ROI on multiple crop inputs while improving crop quality, harvestability, and economics.

“It’s important for us to understand the logistical, economic, and time management constraints that are associated with today's farming. From managing resistance and agronomic hurdles, increasing productivity, and maximizing ROI, it’s something that drives my passion for agronomy and precision agriculture,” he says. “What excites me the most about SWAT MAPS is how much data is obtained and how many beneficial applications they can be used for.”

Rockafellow at Farm Focused Agronomy is looking forward to taking on a new edge as a SWAT MAPS service provider and plans to continue expanding services into other surrounding areas of Calgary, including south of Red Deer and east towards Drumheller.

Please join us in welcoming Farm Focused Agronomy by following @FarmFocusedAg on X.

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