Yield Potential

Full-farm SWAT MAPS clients can get complete in-season prescriptions and crop health monitoring through the Yield Potential Program. Crop variability is influenced by soil variability and soil potential must be "unlocked" before any yield potential services can be completed.
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Using SWAT MAPS as the base layer, SWAT WATER uses detailed soil moisture sensor data to create a soil water map. SWAT WATER calculates your field’s moisture holding capacity, plant available water, and days-to-stress by zone. This information can be used for topdressing, fungicides, growth regulators, or variable rate irrigation. To implement SWAT WATER on your farm, a weather station and soil moisture probe are required.
Image showing SWAT WATER layer
Graphic image of SWAT CAM


SWAT CAM is a sprayer-mounted camera that uses machine learning to create high resolution weed and crop maps.

Once the crop has emerged, your service provider will do an early crop assessment, checking plant stands by zone and looking for any early nutrient issues that should be addressed. This step can be done manually in the field with the SWAT RECORDS app or by using the SWAT CAM. This is a valuable step for monitoring success of seeding rates, or to identify any future opportunities with seed and fertility. All assessments are recorded in the SWAT RECORDS app so you can view them immediately. Later in the season, late crop assessments along with yield data can be analyzed by SWAT zone to measure your success.

 9Satellite Imagery

In-season imagery can be helpful when monitoring crop variability due to environment factors, in addition to soil and water. NDVI-based maps are a great resource for writing on/off fungicide, crop desiccation, and plant growth regulator prescriptions. When incorporated with your SWAT MAP data layers, they can be used to enhance nitrogen topdressing prescriptions as well.
Image of the satellite layer of a SWAT MAP
More advanced imagery layers from a SWAT MAP

 10Crop Prescriptions

Fungicide and topdressing prescriptions are two common examples of in-season applications that that can utilize real-time soil moisture and imagery to maximize your yield potential.

 11Yield Analytics

Yield Analytics gives a detailed look at yields to gain a better understanding of what areas in the field are under performing and why. Analyze your yield by SWAT zone to develop better-informed targets for the future.
Graphs showing crop yield analytics
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