Autonomous soil mapping hardware system

The patented SWAT BOX is an autonomous soil mapping hardware system that collects the data needed to create our patented SWAT MAPS. It’s the first step in the SWAT ECOSYSTEM and is essential to our process.


The most affordable, fully autonomous, soil mapping system in the world

Image of a SWAT BOX mounted on the rear of a SWAT SUPER TRUCK

How It Works

Typically mounted on a truck or off-road vehicle, the SWAT BOX can also be mounted to a wide variety of farm equipment. Simply mount the SWAT BOX and connect it to a tablet.
Raised Positioning
The SWAT BOX is mounted just above the soil, unlike traditional EC sleds that are dragged on the soil. No contact with the ground means less maintenance.
Connecting the SWAT BOX is simple. Once it's mounted, connected to SWAT RECORDS, and your RTK system is set up (unless LiDAR is available) you’re ready to map. 
Getting Started
We offer easy step-by-step instructions for every service provider, plus access to our e-learning platform SWAT ACADEMY to ensure every field is mapped correctly so there’s no delay in receiving your SWAT MAPS.
What's in the box?


Ready out-of-the-box autonomous soil mapping unit
The most accurate soil mapping hardware on the market
Mountable to a wide variety of farm equipment
Data automatically uploads to SWAT RECORDS
Measure soil electrical conductivity to create a vital SWAT MAPS layer
Wireless data transmission
Only 12 volts of power to run the SWAT BOX hardware

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to map a field?
Depending on the field size and the terrain, it takes an average of 2 to 3 hours to map an entire field using the SWAT BOX.
What software do I need to run the SWAT BOX?
The SWAT BOX is powered by our software, SWAT RECORDS.
Do I need to use the SWAT BOX to collect the necessary data?
The SWAT BOX was created so that we could ensure accurate data is collected. If you believe you already have the necessary layers to create a SWAT MAP, please reach out to, to have it assessed by our team.
How wide are the passes the SWAT BOX covers?
The average SWAT BOX has a pass width of 80 feet or 24.4 meters.
Can you use the SWAT BOX if there’s snow on the ground?
Yes! While the snow may cause the mapping vehicle to get stuck in the field, the SWAT BOX can still collect the accurate data needed to make a SWAT MAP.
Do you have more questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch.

Praise from a real SWAT BOX user

Dealing with EC sleds was challenging and not user friendly. The SWAT BOX was easy to use and the SWAT MAPS process is already figured out and it just makes sense.
- Matt M.

Ready to get started with SWAT BOX?

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