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Become the local precision agronomy expert by providing the only all-in-one variable rate solution to your farmers. On average, SWAT MAPS service providers have a 98% acre retention rate.
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Service Providers
Join agronomists around the world offering the SWAT ECOSYSTEM to their farmers
SWAT MAPS are the best technology available for variable rate on the market. Great people on the ground, hands on, and totally driven by soil, not by satellite. I believe that SWAT MAPS is the best and most operator friendly program for farmers, operators, and custom operators.
- Colin B.
SWAT MAPS gives us access to a true solution for growers to increase productivity and profitability. Every age group can understand it, there are no hidden costs, and nothing changes. It’s simple and easy to use!
- Hayden H.
The Swat Ecosystem

Here's How It Works

The Foundation

The foundation of the SWAT ECOSYSTEM is our SWAT RECORDS software. SWAT ACADEMY is our online learning platform which provides you with the education needed to become a SWAT CERTIFIED service provider. Finally, the SWAT SUPPORT portal serves as a resource and gives you access to our team of experts.

Soil Potential

Everything starts in the soil. By becoming a SWAT MAPS service provider, we will help you execute the process to help your farmers unlock their soil potential today.

Yield Potential

Crop variability is influenced by the stable soil properties captured by a SWAT MAP. The Soil Potential portion of the process must be completed before the yield potential process can begin.
Understanding the SWAT ECOSYSTEM

The Foundation

The foundation of the SWAT ECOSYSTEM is built on SWAT RECORDS, plus SWAT SUPPORT and the SWAT ACADEMY.

Soil Potential

Unlock maximum Soil Potential with SWAT BOX, SWAT MAPS, Ground Truthing, Soil Sampling, Recommendations, and Soil Prescriptions. 

Yield Potential

Tap into maximum Yield Potential with SWAT WATER, SWAT CAM, Imagery, Crop Prescriptions, Yield Analytics, and getting SWAT CERTIFIED.
Wes Anderson, VP of Agronomy, gives an overview of what SWAT MAPS are, how to use them, and the process to make them.

The Opportunity

Harness the power of the SWAT ECOSYSTEM and take advantage of these opportunities:
The Only All-In-One Precision Agronomy Solution on the Market
Free Access to SWAT ACADEMY, our Online Learning Platform
Access to our SWAT SUPPORT Portal and Team of Experts
An Easy-To-Use Soil Mapping System
Access To a Network of Service Providers
Become The Local Precision Agronomy Expert
Proven Ability to Build a Million-Dollar Agronomy Business

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More praise for the SWAT ECOSYSTEM from real agronomists
Becoming a SWAT MAPS partner just made sense! Dealing with E.C. sleds was challenging and not user friendly. The SWAT BOX was easy to use, and the process is already figured out and it’s simple.
- Matt M.
The future of agronomic decision making.
- Preston S.
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