The Foundation

The foundation is a crucial part of the SWAT ECOSYSTEM. It provides you with the education, support, and software needed to become a SWAT CERTIFIED service provider. The foundation ensures every step of the SWAT ECOSYSTEM works seamlessly and provides your farmers with the same experience.
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SWAT RECORDS is our software that runs the entire SWAT ECOSYSTEM. Think of it as the foundation for your business and without it, our other products wouldn’t be as effective.
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SWAT RECORDS app on a phone

Through your SWAT RECORDS consultant account, your farmers can download and use the software for free. The desktop software includes everything you’d need to run your SWAT MAPS business. Key features include:

  • Access all your SWAT MAPS and files in one place.
  • Record field scouting observations.
  • Create and reference soil sample locations and have test results sent directly to SWAT RECORDS.
  • Create jobs and recommendations for your farmers to execute.
  • Generate various types of reports for your farmers.
  • Document plant stand counts by zone in your farmers field(s).
  • Access your data without a cellular or Wi-Fi signal.
  • View and categorize multiple farms and fields at once.
  • Access the SWAT SUPPORT portal.
  • Seamlessly integrate with software.



SWAT RECORDS integrates with the following partners and software. Share your SWAT MAPS, SWAT WATER maps, flow paths and more. With more connections being added regularly, get the most out of our software and unlock your soil and yield potential today!


SWAT ACADEMY is our self-paced online learning platform. As a SWAT MAPS service provider, you’ll receive your login the minute you sign up. SWAT ACADEMY will teach you everything you need to know about running a successful SWAT MAPS business from day one. Complete all the modules and become a SWAT CERTIFIED service provider.
SWAT ACADEMY on a computer


SWAT Overview

In this module, you’ll receive a general overview of SWAT MAPS.

SWAT Agronomy

Learn how to correctly ground truth your SWAT MAPS, manage your soil nutrients by zone and other common agronomy topics are covered.

SWAT Mapping

This 3-part module is all about mapping. You’ll learn how to correctly map a field with the SWAT BOX and ensure data is being collected and transferred properly.

SWAT Software (basic & advanced)

The software modules are divided into two modules, basic and advanced. You’ll learn how to create new farms, import soil tests, create plant stand counts, add spray jobs, and so much more. This is a deep dive into our software and how it works.

SWAT Business & Sales

Learn how to promote your SWAT MAPS business and gain a better understanding of how to sell the SWAT ECOSYSTEM. We go over our brand standards and give marketing tips and tricks. This is where you’ll find the course ‘Building a million-dollar SWAT MAPS business’.

SWAT Agronomy Insights

We sit down with other service providers and researchers to discuss how they’ve implemented the SWAT ECOSYSTEM.


We teach the basics of SWAT WATER and how to use it.


SWAT SUPPORT goes hand-in-hand with SWAT ACADEMY. Through the portal you can find frequently asked questions, your support tickets, and other ‘service provider only’ content.
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