The software that runs the entire SWAT ECOSYSTEM

SWAT RECORDS is our software that runs the entire SWAT ECOSYSTEM, think of it as the foundation. Our mobile app is free to download in the App Store and Google Play Store. Use SWAT RECORDS with ease from your phone, tablet or computer.

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Access all your SWAT MAPS and files in one place

View your SWAT MAPS and layers for each field. The maps can be viewed on the app and are georeferenced for ease of use when ground-truthing, soil sampling, and scouting.
Image of SWAT RECORDS app on a phone
Image of SWAT RECORDS app on a phone

Farm Record Keeping

Record the following information in the app and track the history of all your field operations by year.

  • Field names
  • Field areas and locations
  • Crops, crop varieties, and crop data
  • Farm equipment details
  • Seed, fertilizer, sprayer, harvest and other jobs

Field Scouting & Recommendations

Input your field scouting data for weeds, insects, and diseases. Import and report tissue test results directly to SWAT RECORDS.
Image of SWAT RECORDS app on a phone
Image of SWAT RECORDS app on a phone

Remote Synchronization

SWAT RECORDS synchronizes all your data between users and platforms. The app works without a cellular or wi-fi signal; any changes made are saved in the app and are synchronized when the device re-establishes a cellular or wi-fi connection.

View Soil Sample Results & Locations

SWAT RECORDS connects with many labs around the world so your results are automatically uploaded to the app. We are regularly adding more labs to our list. The results can be manually uploaded so they’re all accessible in one easy to find place.
Image of SWAT RECORDS app on a phone
Image of SWAT RECORDS app on a phone

View Multiple Fields & Farms

View all the fields and farms you manage on one screen. Colour code your field outlines by crop. Navigate easily for scouting and sampling.

Access the Crop Scouting Module

The crop scouting module is designed for creating crop scouting reports and converting them to recommendations and jobs. Populated pick lists of pesticides, weeds, insects, and crops are included for ease of use.
Image of SWAT RECORDS app on a computer screen
Image of SWAT RECORDS app on a computer screen

Create Reports

SWAT RECORDS imports soil test results right into the farm and field, to make prescriptions, various types of reports, and fertility plans. The reports can be customized with the service provider’s brand and contact information. Create and view soil nutrients history by year.


The SWAT WATER module is used to enter zone specific soil data and link to soil moisture probes within your field to automatically generate high-definition field water maps throughout the season on a pre-defined schedule.
Image of SWAT RECORDS app on a computer screen


SWAT RECORDS integrates with the following partners and software. Share your SWAT MAPS, SWAT WATER maps, flow paths and more. With more connections being added regularly, get the most out of our software and unlock your soil and yield potential today!

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