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Build your premium precision agronomy business by harnessing the power of SWAT ECOSYSTEM, the only all-in-one soil mapping solution on the market. Become a ‘franchise style’ SWAT MAPS service provider today!
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provide the world's only all-in-one variable-rate solution to your farmers

Become a SWAT MAPS Service Provider

Our global network of service providers are executing the SWAT MAPS process on millions of acres, with a 98% client acre retention rate year over year. SWAT MAPS is the most sought-after soil mapping system on the market. We are excited to offer you the opportunity to partner with us to bring SWAT MAPS to your clients!
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Why Service Providers Choose SWAT MAPS

SWAT MAPS is a scalable business developing premium precision ag products and services, delivered to farmers by independent service providers. Our franchise-style partnership opportunity pairs your agronomy expertise with our industry leading technology and brand to take your business to the next level. Below are three reasons you should become a SWAT MAPS partner today.
We empower independent service providers.
The partnership opportunity is designed so you can add the SWAT MAPS brand to a new or existing agriculture business and begin offering our services coupled with your own.
SWAT MAPS is the most affordable soil mapping system in the world.
Our patented SWAT BOX system is proprietary soil mapping hardware. This unit is sold at cost to you - the lowest cost (and most user friendly) soil mapping technology in the world.
Farmers love SWAT MAPS.
Premium services coupled with unbeatable customer service has led our service providers to experience a 98% client acre retention rate across four countries and millions of acres.
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“I started an agronomy consulting company and now we’re more of a services company with an agronomic focus. None of this was in my five-year plan. Our partnership with SWAT MAPS has helped us grow bigger than we ever expected. SWAT MAPS is central to our business and our customers.”
Mike Palmier, Max Ag Consulting

The Foundation

The foundation of the SWAT ECOSYSTEM is built on SWAT RECORDS, with the help of SWAT SUPPORT and SWAT ACADEMY.

Soil Potential

Everything starts in the soil. SWAT MAPS service providers execute this 6-step process to unlock their farmers’ soil potential.

Yield Potential

The 6-step yield potential process can be completed once soil potential is unlocked.
provide the world's only all-in-one variable-rate solution to your farmers

Our Commitment to Your Success

The SWAT ECOSYSTEM is the world’s only all-in-one soil mapping solution. We provide all the technology, tools, and knowledge you need to succeed. Here is what is offered to you as a franchise-style partner:

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“The SWAT MAPS value proposition greatly exceeded my customers’ expectations. I’ll drive the value nail as deep as I can – you’re getting value because you’re not just getting the best map. You’re getting the whole SWAT ECOSYSTEM.”
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Partner Benefits

Add a Turnkey Solution to Your Agronomy Business
Free Access to SWAT ACADEMY, our Online Learning Platform
Access To a Global Network of Service Providers
Increase Your Client Acre Retention Rate
Proven Ability to Build a Million-Dollar Agronomy Business
24/7 Access to our SWAT SUPPORT Portal and Team of Experts
Manage Your Entire Agronomy Business with Our Software, SWAT RECORDS

Become a SWAT MAPS Service Provider Today!

Become the local precision agronomy expert by providing the only all-in-one variable rate solution to your farmers.
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