Becoming a SWAT MAPS service provider means offering your farmers the best variable rate field mapping system on the market. Our team of experts will provide you with the tools you need to succeed, every step of the way.
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The Only All-In-One Variable Rate Service on the Market

We’re proud to offer our service providers the only all-in-one variable rate service on the market. From data collection to yield analytics, we’ve figured out the process from start to finish so you can focus on your farmers and building your business.

A Turnkey Solution for Your Agronomy Business

Our onboarding process ensures you have everything you need to make your agronomy business a success. You can book one-on-one meetings with our team members to ask them any questions you might have, from marketing to sales, and more.

Free Access to SWAT ACADEMY, our Online Learning Platform

You and your entire team will have free access to SWAT ACADEMY. Our training videos will walk you through every step of the SWAT MAPS process.  Learn at your own pace, on your own time.

Access To a Network of Service Providers

Our service providers are all over the world. They’re passionate about the SWAT ECOSYSTEM and want to help other agronomists succeed. Join our forums in the SWAT SUPPORT portal to connect with like-minded agronomy experts.

Become the Local Precision Agronomy Expert

SWAT MAPS service providers are precision agronomy experts. You’ll have all the tools of the SWAT ECOSYSTEM to back up your recommendations and help your farmers unlock their soil and yield potential.

Increase Your Acre Retention Rate

We’re proud to share that we have a 98% acre retention rate.

Proven Ability to Build a Million-Dollar Agronomy Business

When you sign up, check out the video named ‘Building a Million Dollar Business’ in SWAT ACADEMY and we’ll walk you through it.

24/7 Access to our SWAT SUPPORT Portal and Team of Experts

Through the SWAT SUPPORT portal, you can find information for many frequently asked questions and chat directly with our support team. Check it out: There’s also hidden content that’s only available to SWAT MAPS service providers, like marketing support and a community forum so you can ask other service providers questions.

An Easy-To-Use Soil Mapping System

Our patented SWAT BOX is ready to use from the moment it arrives. Simply mount it to your mapping vehicle, connect it to SWAT RECORDS, set up your RTK system (unless LiDAR is available), and you’re ready to map!
Check out the all-in-one mapping unit, the SWAT SUPER TRUCK

Manage Your Entire Agronomy Business with Our Software, SWAT RECORDS

SWAT RECORDS connects and runs all our products and services. Everything you need to run your SWAT MAPS business can be done through SWAT RECORDS.

Ready to Unlock Your Soil Potential?

Become the local precision agronomy expert by providing the only all-in-one variable rate solution to your farmers.
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