Soil Potential

SWAT MAPS are so much more than a map. They’re part of an entire process that when used correctly, can unlock your soil and yield potential. Your SWAT MAPS service provider will help you execute this 6-step process so you can start unlocking your soil potential today. Here’s what you can expect when implementing and using SWAT MAPS on your farm.
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 1Data Collection

The first step is collecting the quality data needed to create your SWAT MAP. Using their SWAT BOX, a SWAT MAPS service provider will drive your field in 80 foot (24m) passes. Our patented SWAT BOX is an autonomous soil mapping system that can be mounted to many different vehicles, most commonly trucks, ATVs or other off-road vehicles, but also seeders or planters.
Image of SWAT zones

 2Layer Development

The raw data collected by the SWAT BOX is automatically uploaded and sent to our SWAT RECORDS software and is ready for our team of experts to analyze in order to create multiple SWAT MAPS options.

 3Ground Truthing

With several potential SWAT MAPS created and uploaded to SWAT RECORDS, your service provider will return to the field to ground-truth the maps. This is an essential step in the process and it ensures your SWAT MAPS accurately depicts the soil and water variability in your field.
Image showing ground truthing
Image showing soil sampling zones on an app on a phone

 4Soil Sampling

Once your SWAT MAP is ground-truthed, it’s time to soil sample. Multiple cores are taken at 5 of the 10 SWAT zones, depending on field size, end goal, and the cost versus benefit of sampling intensity. Your soil sample results will be uploaded to SWAT RECORDS when they are complete.

Soil samples are taken every year after harvest at geo-referenced locations to track nutrient levels and ensure your prescriptions are meeting your yield targets, accounting for soil mineralization and any nutrient losses.

 5Soil Prescriptions

Your service provider will work with you to assess your operation and has the local agronomic expertise to make informed recommendations through SWAT RECORDS with the support of our team.
Image showing soil prescription layers in a SWAT map
Graphs illustrating soil analytics data

 6Soil Analytics

The last step in the soil potential process is to analyze nutrient, texture, and soil carbon data. Soil data can be connected to soil survey databases to assess varietal or hybrid crop responses to nutrients based on soil type.

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