Soil moisture maps based on weather station data

Using SWAT MAPS as the base layer, SWAT WATER takes detailed soil moisture sensor data, to create a soil water map. SWAT WATER calculates your field’s moisture holding capacity, plant available water, and days to stress by zone. This information can be used for fertilizer top-dress applications, fungicides, growth regulators, and variable rate irrigation.

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Here's How It Works

Plant Available Water

Plant Available Water maps show the amount of water available to the crop at any specific time during the growing season.

Surface Hydrology

Surface Hydrology maps show how water moves throughout a field and predicts the amount of rain that could cause the crop to flood in specific zones.

Days to Stress Point

Days to Stress Point tells you the amount of time until the crop will be stressed due to a lack of moisture.
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Image showing an irrigation system over a field


Top-Dress Applications
Nitrogen top-dress applications can be guided by how much available water is in the soil profile in each zone, to better match your crop uptake requirements in real-time in-season. This is the most precise way of minimizing over- or under-application of nitrogen and can help manage risk in very wet or dry growing seasons.
Fungicide Applications
Your fungicide application decisions can be made easier by knowing the soil moisture data that drives canopy humidity levels. Days to stress point may show a fungicide is not worthwhile in parts of your field because it’s close to wilting point.
Variable-Rate Irrigation
Confidently make your irrigation schedules by knowing that you can minimize stress of over-watering or under-watering in certain locations. If you have variable rate irrigation capability, SWAT WATER will increase your accuracy by being able to pinpoint proper amounts of water to specific zones in your field.
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