SWAT Partner Announcement: Soil Smart Inc.

Friday, December 1, 2023 12:13 PM
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Soil Smart Inc. is a family-owned precision agronomy business and new SWAT MAPS service provider based in the Essex County area of Ontario, Canada. Brian and Susie Fehr founded the company in 2023 to fill the gap of available precision agronomy services in their area with the goal of connecting growers to the leading evidence-based variable rate solution: SWAT MAPS. 

Farmer and owner Brian Fehr says their business was brought to life when they reached out to have fields mapped on their own farm. “This led us to partnering with SWAT MAPS after understanding not only the environmental benefits but also the return on investment for our own operation and other growers in our area,” says Fehr. “We resonated with the zone approach to soil sampling and believe in having accurate soil data to make better informed decisions around our crop inputs.”

In the Essex County area, Fehr’s clients grow cash crops including corn, soybeans, wheat, and canola, as well as vegetables including tomatoes and peas. Fehr remarks that they are excited to better understand local soil and topography and the endless VR opportunities that are now open to growers in their area. 

“We have seen major variability in the maps for our own fields that accurately represent our soil types and water collecting/shedding areas that we’re already aware of. For us and growers in our area, this is exciting because it translates to better ROI when using SWAT MAPS for VR applied inputs,” announces Fehr.

The Fehrs are enjoying the initial development stage of their business and hope to establish their company as a recognized precision agronomy solution and SWAT MAPS service provider for growers in their area. 

The SWAT MAPS team is excited to welcome Soil Smart Inc. to their network of precision ag service providers. Please join us in welcoming Brian and Susie by following them on Twitter @SoilSmartInc.

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