SWAT Partner Announcement: Brother’s GRIMM LLP

Friday, October 27, 2023 1:54 PM
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As farmers, then business owners, and now SWAT MAPS service providers, Gavin Bahnmiller and Tyce Bahnmiller of Brother’s GRIMM are happy to announce they are bringing the SWAT ECOSYSTEM into their agronomic services.

Their strong standing business of 10 years has been serving customers within the “Golden Triangle” of Montana with farms growing a variety of crops such as hard red winter wheat, spring wheat, durum, barley, chickpeas, and more. With a vision of accelerating their movement into the future of agriculture, Brother’s GRIMM is ready to adopt a soil up approach to start managing soil amendments and fertilizer applications.

“After dabbling in several different companies to try to accomplish this, we were left with an incomplete picture. SWAT MAPS has changed that,” said Gavin. “We became a partner with Croptimistic Technology because we wanted to be on board with a proven progressive company that is at the forefront of the industry.”

“We look forward to demonstrating to our customers the ability to identify one issue and save that data to be used in multiple layers of management,” said Tyce. “It’s the art of gathering data while passively building nutrient maps that we can use for fertilizer management.”

Brothers GRIMM prides themselves on having an upfront and honest approach to business and having a passion for being better stewards of the land. The company also offers dual zone soil sampling from the same location and travels anywhere in the state of Montana.

Please welcome Brothers GRIMM to our elite network of SWAT MAPS service providers by following them on X: @brothersgrimmMT.

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