SWAT 010: Rob Swieter on Zone Management and ServiTech's Partnership with SWAT MAPS

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 9:58 AM
Reading Time: 2 minutes

ServiTech’s Rob Swieter joins the show to talk about their new partnership with SWAT MAPS. This alliance will provide farmers with enhanced tools for informed decision-making on their farms through the practical application of high-resolution soil maps, data, process, machinery, and agronomy knowledge. ServiTech provides independent crop consulting and laboratory services throughout Iowa, where Rob is located, but also in Texas, Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska. Rob and I discuss how he looks at zone management, what led to becoming a SWAT MAPS partner, how the current conditions are impacting farmer perspectives on variable rate technology.

I wanted something that was the tip of the spear, as I like to say, the industry leading solution. And that's what SWAT MAPS provides. So it's a turnkey solution. They've got everything figured out. It works perfectly. It provides the highest quality zone map possible in my opinion. And it works for what we're trying to do.”

Rob Swieter, Iowa Territory Leader with ServiTech

On Today’s Episode:

1:54 - Meet Rob Swieter and hear about the background he brought to ServiTech when he joined them as territory leader last year

3:07 - Discover why ServiTech is partnering with SWAT MAPS and how zone management can greatly benefit their customers especially with variable seed and fertilizer rates

7:17 - Explore what ServiTech has to offer producers and their history as an independent crop consultant company and laboratory

9:44 - Learn about the unique characteristics of Iowa that producers need to adjust for making ServiTech’s services very valuable

10:50 - Explore the local interest in Iowa into zone mapping and the limitations they may have experienced in grid sampling prior to employing SWAT MAPS

12:24 - Hear about how Rob introduces the use of management zones based on proper data layers to producers who may not be aware of their benefits

13:30 - Learn about the logistics of using a SWAT box and how the ServiTech agronomists use and apply it to different operations

15:04 - Discover how the influence of input prices has increased the interest in zone management and variable rate technology

16:32 - Explore the SWAT Academy and the onboarding process for the ServiTech team

17:42 - Learn who is the ideal ServiTech customer and the broad customer base they serve

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