SWAT 009: Brad Dunnington on Map Making and the Evolution of SWAT MAPS

Monday, January 10, 2022 12:00 PM
Reading Time: 2 minutes

In this episode we are joined by (Brad Dunnington) of (Croptimistic Technology). Brad was the first employee when he joined the company in 2008 and is now the SWAT MAPS manager based remotely in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Brad processes raw data from a SWAT BOX into SWAT MAPS for an agronomist to ground truth, and then use for soil sampling. This then becomes a prescription file or controller file for a farmer to apply variable rate products in their field. We explore how data collected in the field becomes a useful map for farmers and agronomists and what it took to develop this product over the years, to what it is today.

“The SWAT MAPS we make now are far superior to what we used to make. It's easier to make SWAT MAPS in certain areas than it is in others. Luckily, we started where we did, because it was a lot easier. Then that helped us develop new techniques for making maps.” - Brad Dunnington SWAT Maps Manager for (Croptimistic Technology)

On Today’s Episode:

2:08 - Meet Brad Dunnington and learn the experiences that led him to working at Croptimistic Technology.

4:06 - Explore the process of taking data from a SWAT BOX and converting it to SWAT MAPS

5:23 - Discover the progression of equipment, technique and technology with soil mapping for SWAT MAPS

8:39 - Learn the pitfalls of mapping prior to smartphone technology and how Brad was able to turn a mistake into a new customer acquisition

9:20 - Hear about the initial software now known as ADMS that Brad started with and continues to use to produce maps for agronomists

10:11 - Discover the benefit of SWAT RECORDS and the process agronomists will use to continue their analysis

11:24 - Explore how agronomists use multiple SWAT MAPS to evaluate the soil quality and determine what approach they should take for their client

12:45 - Brad gives us an example of how SWAT MAPS are used in his area of Eastern Canada

13:44 - Discover the advantages Brad can offer his clients by having extensive experience in agricultural map making

16:04 - Explore the growth and expansion of the company, the techniques and the technology of Croptimistic Technology

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