SWAT 008: Jonathan Freeman on Precision Soil Moisture Maps

Friday, October 29, 2021 12:00 PM
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Jonathan Freeman introduces us to (SWAT WATER) and the significance of this tool - especially in irrigated agriculture. Before joining (Croptimistic), Jonathan worked as an inhouse agronomist for a large sugar company where he also managed their precision ag program. He has nearly two decades of experience in water resource management, and has worked in multiple countries in southern Africa as well as New Zealand and Australia. We will explore the ins and outs of irrigated agriculture including some specialty crops like sugar, avocados, and macadamia nuts. Irrigation goes beyond just moisture monument Irrigation contributes greatly to nutrient movement and ultimately a crops success

“I think the consensus at the end of the day is that your soil moisture level, and also how that soil moisture interacts with your various soil types and soil conditions is really what is driving, your crop productivity. ...So that really was the segue from SWAT MAPS to then include SWAT WATER as a measure of saying how much water is available.” - Jonathan Freeman, precision agronomist and soil water specialist with (Croptimistic Technology)

On Today’s Episode:

2:16 - Discover the variation between the agriculture industry in Southern Africa versus North America

4:06 - Explore the origin of SWAT WATER and how Jonathan was introduced to and eventually joined SWAT MAPS

5:40 - Learn about SWAT WATER's process and capabilities

7:13 - Jonathan explains the value in adding soil texture data and organic matter data to soil sampling analysis

8:36 - Discover the practical application and impact of SWAT WATER for producers

12:44 - Learn about the irrigation management options SWAT WATER offers

14:20 - Understand the significance of water management as being closely tied to nutrient management

18:50 - Explore the different inputs and how they can be tailored to the soils needs based on water movement

20:56 - Jonathan shares the frequently asked questions in regards to SWAT WATER and maximizing its benefits

22:57 - Learn how the data acquired from SWAT WATER can help in irrigation design

26:38 - Understand how introducing mapping to an operation can focus on the individual concerns of that operation and allow for more efficient production (SWAT WATER Global Launch Video)

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