SWAT 006: Jeff Bennett & Mike Palmier

Monday, June 21, 2021 12:00 PM
Reading Time: 2 minutes

In this episode we are joined by (Mike Palmier) and Jeff Bennett. We dive into how these two collaborate and use technology to improve Jeff’s operation agronomically. You’re going to get some great insights into this approach, how they’re balancing agronomy with logistics, and how they’re integrating multiple technologies to capture the synergies between them.

Mike is the owner/operator of Max Ag Consulting, which specializes in field scouting services and works with technology providers like (SWAT Maps) and (Crop Intelligence) soil moisture probes. Jeff is a 4th generation farmer who has been farming full time for the past eight years in the Dodsland, Saskatchewan area. Jeff grows a variety of crops including lentils and canola. Because of their collaboration, Mike is able to test new techniques and protocols on Jeff’s farm which offers a great chance for all of us to learn from their experiences and journey into variable rate technologies.

“There are times where I will add a product like a zinc on a zone one and four on a field, so a hilltop and upper slope, and not put it anywhere else in the field. We're putting in higher rates, more meaningful rates, getting good yield response in year one with doing that, but actually not spending as much money as we would be if we did that nutrient over the entire farm.”

- Mike Palmier, Owner/Operator of Max Ag Consulting

On Today’s Episode:

1:56 - Discover what sparked the friendship and collaboration between Mike and Jeff and how their relationship has evolved over time

3:58 - Jeff shares his introduction and journey into variable rate technology and the data his farm is producing

3:45 - Mike shares his approach and goals for Jeff’s farm resulting in a compilation of data over years to analyze and create the most efficiency

9:36 - Jeff shares the pitfalls and limitations of relying on incomplete data and variables out of his control. He goes on to describe what tangible information he finds highly valuable when using variable rate technology.

12:39 - Explore the use and integration of Crop Intelligence moisture probes with SWAT maps while evaluating crop potential and making adjustments to additives.

17:31 - Learn how Jeff balances his pursuit of data with his bottom line, amount and type of inputs and making his operation financially successful.

22:58- Explore what the future holds for their collaborative efforts using variable rates and (SWAT MAPS)

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