SWAT 005: Mark Huso on Continuous Learning and Training the Next Generation of Agronomists

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 12:00 PM
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Mark Huso of Huso Crop Consulting and Soil Testing joins us in this episode. Mark and I talk about how he’s working with farmer customers during this dry year they’ve had in North Dakota, how he’s training the next generation of agronomists, the technology he finds useful, what he’s still learning about salinity, and some of his thoughts for the future of agronomy.

Mark started his own company about 10 years ago doing independent crop consulting after working in ag retail. He works with a variety of crops in the area including cereal grains, canola, corn, edible beans, soybeans and sunflowers. Mark attributes some of his success to developing a support network so he can always be learning and growing. He says he has benefited greatly from relationships he has with other independent crop consultants in the area.

“If you’re in agronomy, have a support network…. It's great to be the leader, but it's also great to understand that there are other good leaders out there and know what they know and understand what they are trying to tell their customers at the same time.”

- Mark Huso, Huso Crop Consulting and Soil Testing in Lakota, North Dakota

On Today’s Episode:

1:52 - Learn Mark’s background and what led him to becoming an independent crop consultant

3:13 - Discover the network Mark has established between his company and other local agronomists to better serve the producers in their area

3:45 - Explore this years challenges for agronomists in the North Dakota region and what adjustments he is recommending for producers to account for them

7:06 - Hear about how the use and adoption of technology has changed over the years including the use of variable rate techniques

8:38 - Explore how Mark has employed (SWAT MAPS) and how it has benefited his clients

9:28 - Discover what other new technologies Mark has used and found success with including the use of software on Ipads, new data-input techniques and zoned sampling

11:48 - Learn about how Mark has incorporated agronomy interns into his business model and the hands on experience they get from being a part of his program

17:26 - Hear about the trials Mark is involved with and how they analyze those results

18:17 - Discover how Mark handles salinity issues and what new techniques he is exploring and learning from

20:36 - Hear about what solutions Mark feels technology may provide going forward

22:21 - Learn what advice Mark wants to share with other agronomists entering the field

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