SWAT 002: Cory Willness Answers Your Questions (Part Two)

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 12:05 PM
Reading Time: 2 minutes

On today’s episode, Tim continues his conversation with Cory Willness, President of CropPro Consulting and Croptimistic Technology. Today we share more questions sourced from social media on topics such as precision agriculture and (SWAT MAPS).

“If you don't have that real solid connection to the ground, your best technology in the world is not going to perform to its fullest potential.” - Cory Willness, President of ( CropPro Consulting) and ( Croptimistic Technologies)

This show will feature people from a variety of backgrounds and geographies and interests in agtech and agronomy, but for now we are continuing our conversation with Cory Willness. I got him to answer some of your questions in part one, and we continue those in this episode with questions like: what’s the learning curve like for a new tech-enabled agronomist? And what’s coming next for precision agriculture? And what’s happening behind the scenes with all of this data?

On Today’s Episode:

1:36 - Could SWAT MAPS be used to map soil borne disease pressure in a field?

3:31 - How does the industry look at precision ag from an input provider standpoint?

13:20 - Does data analytics have a role in managing increased volatility of yield from climate change?

20:44 - With SWAT MAPS, you’re collecting all this data. You’re using it to help the farmer but what happens on the other end? Who owns it? What's the agreement on the data side with SWAT MAPS?

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Tune in for part two with Cory to hear more interesting questions about precision agriculture technology. If you have a question you want answered on a future episode, send it to us on Twitter using the hashtag ( #SWATAgronomy).

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