SWAT 001: Cory Willness Answers Your Questions

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 12:00 PM
Reading Time: 1 minute

On today’s episode, Tim sits down with Cory Willness, President of Croptimistic Technology Inc.

Instead of asking Cory the same old typical podcast questions, we solicited most of these questions on social media. We cover a range of topics including: what the best approaches are to creating zones, the difference between SWAT MAPS, intensive grid sampling, barriers to variable rate technology adoption, the concept of profitability maps and several others.

On Today’s Episode:

04:02 - What are the best methods or approaches to creating zones?

07:30 - What are the pros and cons to SWAT Maps versus intensive grid soil sampling?

10:32 - What are the other primary barriers to adoption of a variable rate technology in general?

11:47 - What are the best widgets or after-market for data collection on sprayers and combines?

15:22 - How much water/pesticide/fertilizer can we actually save with precision ag technology?

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