P&P Consulting LLC

1212 Aaron
Wynne, AR, USA

Contact Person
Richard Pickett
Call 870-821-3209
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About This Partner

P&P Consulting LLC offers a variety of agriculture data management analysis services, as well as elevation and soil mapping services. Rather than providing physical markers on a field for identifying a ridge or pulling a small plow to mark a levee; P&P Consulting collects, processes, and utilizes RTK elevation for guidance line creation used in agriculture display technology. These guidance lines can be used for polypipe along ridges, levees, and drains. Additionally, elevation data can be used for field analysis or cut sheet control files, as well as in the soil mapping services combining soil EC, nutrients, properties, and topography for creating management zones for variable rate fertility, planting, and irrigation.

Croptimistic Technology Inc. is an international agriculture technology (AgTech) company. We began operating in 2018. Croptimistic is supported by a growing team of professionals who have dedicated their careers to developing the best soil mapping software and hardware in the world.
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