It’s only going up from here for FM Agronomy

Monday, September 11, 2023 3:05 PM
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Beth Martel, owner of FM Agronomy, says she anticipates seeing 90% of growers using some sort of precision within the next 15 years. For those who aren’t there yet, FM Agronomy’s goal is to help them get there as seamless as possible.

“SWAT MAPS is my go-to. It’s opening up that opportunity for precision agriculture,” she says. “Even with years of agronomy behind me, I focus on the SWAT MAPS side of things and continue to get stronger and more precise with it.”

Named after their 103-year-old farm Ferme Martel Ltd., FM Agronomy officially started up as a family-run business in 2018. Originally from Wales, U.K., Martel moved to Manitoba in 2001 and grew up on a mixed cattle farm, stemming her passion for agriculture. As FM Agronomy continues to strive to support customers in reaching their soil and yield potential, the company anticipates major growth while continuing to service the Southcentral Manitoba area.

“We’re very interested in conversations with growers who have a ‘go-get-it’ attitude, but also with those who want to carefully walk through the process step by step,” she says. “We’re dedicated to not spending your money for the sake of it, but rather putting your money in the right spot.”

Being more efficient is a top priority for FM Agronomy, but bringing customers face-to-face with new methods isn’t always easy.

“Some aren’t so sure, so we go out with them to the field with a tablet and check things out right upfront,” she says. “Some are hesitant on variable rate, but then it makes sense when they do it. For example, we’re not putting fertilizer in those areas where it’s going to have runoff, we’re putting fertilizer where it matters. We really focus on what’s not going to waste money.”

The SWAT MAPS Team is proud to work alongside dedicated teams like the one at FM Agronomy. Stay tuned with what’s happening in their area of Southcentral Manitoba by following them on social media or visiting their website:

Twitter: @Bmartelag

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