Progro Agriculture on SWAT MAPS: Answering the ‘Why,’ Being More Than a Map, and Setting the Gold Standard for VR

Thursday, August 31, 2023 2:54 PM
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As a ‘one man show,’ Maury Micklich started Progro Agriculture in 2022, cautiously optimistic as to whether or not he could grow the business. Based out of Holden, AB, Progro planned to be tailored to agronomic consulting services at first with SWAT MAPS as the added sweetener, but quickly found his SWAT MAPS service to be so popular it became his main offering. 

“SWAT MAPS has helped drive my business,” said Micklich in a recent interview. “Thankfully there is now zero doubt about the success of the business and the future of it. Just having SWAT MAPS as a part of my business has brought new clientele out of the woodwork. Word of mouth is spreading that I’m doing SWAT MAPS and customers have come my way. It has really taken over my business, in the best way.” 

Answering the Why 

Although Micklich’s customers always recognized that there were certain responses happening in their fields, there was always the question of why.

“There have been the typical soil/water issues and some not so typical surprises,” Micklich asserts. “Everyone knows there’s areas that don’t produce well but can’t always identify the why. With SWAT MAPS, I’ve been helping identify these areas of the field and the drivers of the response that they’re seeing. Together we’re connecting the dots of what and why things are happening the way they are.”

Being a farmer as well as a SWAT MAPS Service Provider, Micklich has found this has really helped him be relatable. With a mission of chasing value for his customers, being able to implement SWAT MAPS technology on his farm and then bring the results to his customers has helped them succeed.

“The biggest thing is being able to relate. I’m comfortable experimenting where maybe some people aren’t,” said Micklich. “I can then show the results I’m seeing and maybe they’ll see the value in it or at least open their mind to it. I’m very involved, I want to be fair and I want everyone to succeed. If I can help other farmers be successful, that’s my end goal.” 

More Than a Map

Progro Agriculture is situated in a fertile, agronomically competitive area in Northcentral Alberta, servicing a wide area of customers from Fort Saskatchewan to St. Paul to Camrose and Killam. Having previously worked with products similar to SWAT MAPS, Micklich has had experience with other maps and openly expresses his affinity for SWAT MAPS.

“Dealing with other products before, SWAT MAPS is easily the most precise,” said Micklich. “You won’t get a map that more accurately defines the field. It really gives a holistic picture of the variation in a field. Great value and best damn precision!” 

Although he sees firsthand the many advantages of SWAT MAPS, Micklich also understands the hesitancy of farmers to utilize variable rate (VR).

“One of the biggest barriers I’ve found that my customers have towards VR is the ROI. Some are hesitant because they think it won’t have any benefit. My customers have told me that SWAT MAPS value proposition greatly exceeded their expectations. I’ll drive the value nail as deep as I can – you’re getting value because you’re not just getting the best map. You’re getting the whole SWAT ECOSYSTEM.” 

Setting the Gold Standard for VR

Over his last year of business, Micklick has seen VR evolve from being a second thought to a first decision. “The reputation of VR is changing,” Micklich states. “It’s becoming a staple on the farm rather than the option.” 

As SWAT MAPS becomes more and more popular, Micklich notices his competitors trying to replicate his services.

“Everyone is trying to mimic our recipe,” he observes. “Competitors are trying to model the value proposition and are suddenly adding more zones to their maps. If everyone is trying to copy it, that’s a pretty good indicator that we’re doing something right. It is setting the standard for VR services not just in my area but around the world.”

The SWAT MAPS Team is proud to work alongside passionate, independent agronomy service providers like Maury Micklich. Learn more about Progro Agriculture and what’s happening in their corner by following them on social media or visiting their website:

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