SWAT Partner Announcement: Hill Ag Services LLC

Thursday, June 29, 2023 3:01 PM
Reading Time: 1 minute

SWAT MAPS are now available in southern Indiana! Hill Ag Services LLC, located in Bloomfield, has recently joined the SWAT MAPS Service Provider network and is eager to offer the world’s premier soil foundation map with quality service and expertise.

“Hill Ag Services strives to help farmers get the best ROI from the products and services that we carry,” said Stacey Hill, owner/operator of Hill Ag Services. “Using the SWAT MAPS tools is an excellent way to achieve this.”

Founded in 2017, the company aims to improve soil testing and as a result write better recommendations to help customers on their operations. Their current customers mainly grow corn, soybeans and wheat.

“We most look forward to building better management zones that will help guide farmers towards better decision making,” said Hill. “The maps and the data play a crucial role in how operations are carried out.”

Welcome, Hill Ag Services! To find out the latest on what’s happening with Hill Ag, follow them on Twitter @HillAgServices1.

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