SWAT Partner Announcement: DeTurk Agronomics

Monday, June 12, 2023 2:31 PM
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DeTurk Agronomics has always taken a customer-first approach when offering sound agronomic advice, products, and services. Now in its eighth year of operation, the company has introduced SWAT MAPS to their service offerings as a way of advancing accuracy and efficiency in field zone management.

“I am excited to look into soil amendments,” says Jarod DeTurk, independent agronomist and owner/operator of DeTurk Agronomics. “When management goes to portions of a field rather than a field as a whole it opens up the possibility of being able to invest more in a smaller area, correct that smaller area, and not have to spend an outrageous amount on the field as a whole.”

DeTurk Agronomics was founded in 2015 and services the Overton, Nebraska area. With over 15 years of experience, DeTurk has completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska-Kearney and has his master’s degree in Agribusiness from Kansas State University.

DeTurk says bringing the SWAT MAPS software and hardware solutions to his fleet of offerings was a strategic decision that will aid in more precise soil prescriptions. “I wanted a way to write prescription fertility based off of soil samples from that year,” he explains. “With grid sampling it is not cost effective to sample every year. I also wanted to be able to assign yield goals to each zone in a field recognizing that certain zones have more yield potential than others. Ultimately, the system matches my philosophy that the poor areas will never become as good as the good areas and the most practical thing we can do is manage accordingly.”

The SWAT MAPS team is thrilled to welcome DeTurk Agronomics as part of the SWAT MAPS Service Provider family! Please join us in welcoming them by following DeTurk Agronomics on social media:

Twitter: @deturkag
Facebook: Agronomics: SWAT MAP division

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