SWAT Partner Announcement: McDougald Ag Ventures

Monday, August 9, 2021 12:00 PM
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Welcome to the SWAT Family, McDougald Ag Ventures a.k.a. MAV Agronomy!

MAV Agronomy is owned and operated by Matt McDougald. Matt grew up on a cattle farm in Manitoba, which he is still partners with when he’s not doing his full-time agronomy business. He has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Manitoba and has worked in the agriculture industry his entire life.

What led you to SWAT MAPS?

“I’ve had experience working with EM 38’s and other field mapping in previous roles in the industry and I wanted to bring those services to my growers. That’s why I decided to become a SWAT MAPS partner. It was the best route for me, and it just made sense.”

What excites you about partnering with SWAT MAPS?

“Dealing with EM 38s and sleds to map fields in the past was frustrating and I didn’t want to relive it. I liked that SWAT MAPS has the process figured out and offers an all-in-one product solution with the SWAT BOX, it seemed user friendly and simple to implement. The fact that everything I need is all included in the purchase is nice, I didn’t want to purchase an expensive tablet or other additional equipment. It’s all included.

I also liked that SWAT MAPS offers a support team to help me along the way. The fact that the SWAT MAPS are created by their team is a huge time saver. I truly believe my time as an agronomist is best spent in the field. At the end of day topography and EC data go hand in hand when creating soil potential maps, I see it across fields and believe in it. The SWAT MAPS process has this all figured out.”

On behalf of everyone at SWAT MAPS, welcome to the SWAT Family, Matt! We’re excited to have you and can’t wait to see what where this journey takes you. Be sure to follow Matt and MAV Agronomy on social media to follow him on this SWAT journey.

Twitter: @MattMcDougald
Facebook: @MAVAgronomy

If you’re a grower in the Holland, MB or McGregor, MB area reach out to MAV Agronomy and “Unlock Your Soil Potential” today!

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