Measure, Manage, Profit: A SWAT CAM and Yield Potential Program Introduction

Ready to take the next step in your precision farming journey?

In this webinar on May 8 we will give you an introduction to our Yield Potential Program and SWAT CAM. These powerful tools will take your farm management to the next level of profitability.

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Yes, VR Can Pay!

Can variable rate pay on your farm? Yes!

We want to show you how a great VR program + great agronomy = better resource efficiency and increased profitability. During our upcoming webinar on April 8 we will go through case studies showing how to use SWAT MAPS to manage risk and generate positive ROI.

You will learn:

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Meet our presenters:

Meet Wes Anderson, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in agronomy and agricultural technology. Currently serving as the Vice President of Agronomy at Croptimistic Technology Inc. in Australia, Wes has been instrumental in driving innovation and efficiency in crop management since November 2018. Prior to his current role, Wes served as a Senior Fertility Specialist at CropPro Consulting in Beaumont, Alberta, Canada, where he honed his agronomy skills using SWAT MAPS technology. Before working with SWAT MAPS, Wes worked in several agronomy leadership roles since 2001 with companies such as Richardson Pioneer and Mosaic, giving him valuable experience in a broad range of crops and environments found in both western Canada and eastern Australia. Wes's passion for agriculture and his extensive agronomy experience make him a valuable asset in driving sustainable solutions and growth in the agricultural industry.

Meet Chris Hawkins, a leader and experienced professional in agricultural technology and sales. Currently serving as the Director of Sales at Croptimistic Technology Inc. since 2023, Chris brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Prior to his current role, Chris held various key positions within Croptimistic Technology Inc., including Farmer Service Manager and Client Relations Manager, where he played a pivotal role in building strong client relationships and driving business growth. With a career spanning almost 30 years, Chris's journey in the agricultural industry began as an Agricultural Account Manager at TD Bank Canada, and he later transitioned into sales roles at DuPont Canada Inc. and Yorkton New Holland. His extensive agricultural background and experience in sales and client relations serve him well to advance innovation and success in the agricultural technology sector.

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SWAT Agronomy Insights with Dr. Dave Franzen

The change in North Dakota crop choices from dominant small grains to more corn and soybean resulted in drastic reductions in soil test potassium (K) values. Potassium rate studies on corn were conducted to determine whether the ‘old’ K recommendations were predictive, and we found that they were not about half the time.

The clay species at the K rate sites were examined based on work from D. Sparks at University of Delaware. During this SWAT Agronomy Insights webinar, Dr. Dave Franzen will discuss what was found in these examinations and why it’s important to factor in clay species when considering the need for tillage and the type required.

Dave Franzen received a BS in Forest Soils from the University of Illinois, followed by an MS in Soil Fertility and a PhD in Soil Chemistry. His research has included whole-field studies in site-specific nutrient management, including the development of zone soil sampling techniques. He has also developed algorithms for the use of active-optical and height sensors for small grains, corns, sunflower and sugarbeet.

CCAs: 1 CEU in nutrient management.

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Tech Hub LIVE

Tech Hub LIVE is the must-attend event for those developing and deploying the latest ag technologies to advance agribusiness. Tech Hub LIVE attracts the largest gathering of thought leaders and innovative practitioners dedicated to turning new technology opportunities into practical business advantages on the farm.

SWAT MAPS will be at this event in July to chat all about the SWAT ECOSYSTEM and our premium all-in-one variable rate solution for farmers.

Manitoba Ag Days 2024

The Manitoba Ag Days show is an exposition of agricultural production expertise, technology, and equipment that attracts exhibitors and visitors from across Canada and the United States of America.

Western Canadian Crop Production Show 2024

The Western Canadian Crop Production Show has been the must-attend event for prairie farmers since 1983, making it a true leader in the field of crop science and technology.

Each January, outstanding exhibitors, presenters and attendees converge in Saskatoon to experience the latest products and services for the upcoming growing season.

Though frigid Saskatchewan temperatures are almost always inevitable, the 4-day event draws consistent crowds who have come to rely on the sold-out trade show and industry-leading speakers for all the trending information producers need the most.

Ag in Motion 2024

As a farm decision maker, you want to see the crops, touch the equipment, compare results side-by-side, and talk to someone face-to-face. Decisions are made in the field, and being in-person is a valuable way to inform your business.

SEE the newest agriculture technology in the field

TOUCH innovative new products and equipment for your farm

CONNECT with farmers and industry again, live and in person

Farm Progress Show 2024

Farm Progress Show is the nation’s largest outdoor farm event that annually hosts over 600 exhibitors from around the world. Every year, the Farm Progress Show connects thousands of producers with companies that are pushing the boundaries of innovation in agriculture. It is THE premier ag event, and the best place to see what’s next for agriculture.