SWAT 018: Prairie Legend Les Henry

Retired in 1996, Les Henry is a professor emeritus at the University of Saskatchewan, a private consultant, and farmer. He is a renowned soils expert and in 2010 he released a lighthearted book about his passion for soils titled “Henry’s Handbook of Soil and Water”. On this episode of the SWAT Agronomy Podcast, Les reflects on his career milestones including conducting soil surveys, helping farmers solve problems like soil salinity, teaching and research he has done in both Canada and abroad, his 48 years of writing, his views on farmer-led research and extension and much much more.

SWAT 017: Adapting Technology And Agronomy To Local Conditions With Tyler Kessler

Hear directly from those in the field using the SWAT ECOSYSTEM in this “Field Report” episode. SWAT MAPS service provider Tyler Kessler of Kessler Ag Ventures Ltd. shares how these tools help his farm clients optimize yield, improve soil health, and reduce environmental impacts.

SWAT 016: Targeted Herbicide Applications With Trav Hair of Crop Opti Services

What’s on the horizon with precision ag in Australia? Trav Hair of Crop Opti Services gives us the inside scoop. Find out how they’re making big strides with variable rate applications by listening to the latest episode of the SWAT Agronomy Podcast!

SWAT 015: Corn Population Economics with Trent Mastny and Justin Mastny of JTM Ag

Nebraska farmers, brothers and co-owners of JTM Ag, Trent and Justin Mastny, join us on our latest SWAT Agronomy podcast episode where they discuss how they’re helping farmers in the area take their variable rate to the next level. Plus, they share their early impressions on SWAT CAM. Tune in to hear what they think!

SWAT 014: A More Detailed Approach with Anita Renwick of A1 Agronomy

A1 Agronomy Owner and Operator Anita Renwick joins us in this episode to share all about the business, how they are helping clients adopt precision agriculture for the first time, and what a difference this more detailed approach is making to yields and to profitability.

SWAT 013: Agronomy Advantage with Deb Campbell

In this SWAT Agronomy podcast episode, Tim chats with Deb Campbell of Agronomy Advantage in Ontario. From her perspective of a Certified Crop Advisor, Deb talks about her thoughts and experience with precision ag tools and more.