SWAT Partner Announcement: Agricore Group

Wednesday, September 8, 2021 12:00 PM
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Welcome to the SWAT Family, Agricore Group

Agricore Group is owned and operated by Hayden Hollis and is based in Tamwroth, New South Wales, Australia. Hayden has a background in production & precision agronomy. After meeting with Hayden, it’s clear he’s passionate about helping growers succeed and making the most of their operations.

What led you to SWAT MAPS?

“SWAT MAPS are the true platform for field variability. SWAT compliments our values at Agricore to enable growers to receive superior value and service. Growers must receive value and service to achieve their farming best.”

What excites you about partnering with SWAT MAPS?

“We like that SWAT MAPS gives us access to a true solution for growers to increase productivity and profitability. Every age group can understand it, there are no hidden costs, and nothing changes. It’s simple and easy to use!”

On behalf of everyone at SWAT MAPS, welcome to the SWAT Family, Agricore! We’re excited to have you and can’t wait to see what where this journey takes you. Be sure to follow Hayden and the Agricore Group on social media to follow their SWAT journey.

Twitter: @Agricore1
Facebook: @Agricore
Instagram: @Agricore8

If you’re a grower in Australia reach out to Agricore and “Unlock Your Soil Potential” today! (Yes! They are willing to travel across the country to help bring the SWAT Ecosystem to Australian growers.)

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